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April 2023 Happenings Newsletter

Winter’s done, and April’s in the skies. Earth, look up with laughter in your eyes!"
- Charles G. D. Roberts

Upcoming FamilyKind Happenings


May 9, 2023 | 6pm - 9pm

Arte Cafe, 106 W 73rd Street, NY, NY 10023

Join us for a lively cocktail event and awards presentation bringing together the region’s most distinguished matrimonial and family law professionals — including lawyers, mediators, judges, financial services professionals, mental health providers, educators, and more!


Mediation Mentorship Program is Accepting Applications

familykind mediation services

About the Mediation Mentorship Program

FamilyKind hosts the FamilyKind Mediation Mentorship Program (MMP), an intensive training designed to give mediators the tools and support they need to open a private practice and to provide high-quality mediation services throughout New York State.

Each participant will be paired with a highly qualified Mentor and will also be part of an enriched educational and hands-on practical environment.

To learn more, visit us at or click the button below.


New virtual HEART Group

(Healing from Emotional Anger and Relational Trauma) 
Wednesday evenings - April 19 through June 7 @ 7:30pm ET

Who's in Control – You or Your Anger?

In this eight-week virtual group, we will distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate expressions of anger while exploring the hidden emotions behind the anger particularly in view of relational trauma.


FamilyKind offers a Secondary Trauma support group for professionals

Secondary Trauma is Real.

For the divorce professional (lawyers, mental health practitioners, financial planners, educators, mediators and more), our work can leave us susceptible to physical and emotional symptoms, impacting us in very distressing ways and leaving us feeling alone and isolated.

Our monthly group can be helpful in coping with our trauma as well as connecting and sharing with others that are in similar situations, as this is the nature of the work.

Join our wonderful, dedicated Secondary Trauma Group leaders Diane Hesseman and Nancy Nybergh who provide a safe space to explore ways to take care of ourselves on many different levels.

For more information, please contact us at


FamilyKind offers Parent Education Classes for Separating or Divorcing Parents

Join our live in-person, virtual or online NYS Certified ParentEducation Classes for Separating or Divorcing Parents!

Below please find the schedule of our upcoming live in-person and virtual classes:

To enroll, please call 212-769-3057, email or click the button.


Individualized Parenting Education

What is Individualized Parenting Education?

FamilyKind parenting educators meet individually with parents to identify, apply and strengthen parenting skills and family management tools. This service is provided virtually.

To learn more, visit us at or click the button below.


Are you able to donate an auction item to FamilyKind?

Join the Fun by Donating an Auction Item!

For this year’s gala, we will be continuing the FamilyKind tradition of hosting an online and live auction!

Our dedicated Auction Committee is looking for high-quality auction items or memorable experiences. For example: tickets to a Broadway show, spa experiences, sports games or memorabilia, designer fashion bags, weekend getaways, art, gift card to local NYC restaurant, etc.

If you or anyone you know may be able to contribute an auction item, FamilyKind would greatly appreciate the support. Please email with any potential items or experiences.

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