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About the Mediation Services

  • Resolve parenting time, support and property distribution

  • Sessions with trained mediators held remotely or in a private setting

  • Avoid damaging effects of a high-conflict, adversarial process

  • Locations New York City, Long Island, Westchester and remote access

  • Fees determined on a sliding scale basis

  • Services offered in English, Spanish, French, Japanese and American Sign Language

 Types of Mediation Services Offered:

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Marital/Couple 

  • Prenuptial/Pre-Cohabitation 

  • Child Inclusive 

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Parenting Coordination

FamilyKind Parenting Coordination

About this Service

  • Co-parenting strategies to resolve issues

  • Services provided by trained mental health professionals or attorneys

  • Participate during pendency or after conclusion of case

  • For court-ordered, professionally-referred and self-referred parents

  • Locations New York City, Long Island, Westchester and remote access

  • Services offered in English and Spanish

  • Fees based on a sliding scale


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About the Service

  • Effective co-parenting communication strategies in joint sessions

  • “Business-like” discussions resolve issues

  • Locations New York City, Long Island, Westchester and remote access

  • Fees are determined on a sliding scale basis

“"When parents communicate, it takes the burden off children.”


Relationship & Communication
Programs For Couples

Relationship Financial Class for Couples

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  • Are you in a committed relationship?

  • Are you contemplating a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement?

  • Do you want to create a more harmonious financial relationship into the future.

   Then this class is for you.

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Relationship image.jpg

About this service

  • Online Relationship Toolkit to Improve Your Relationship

  • A Step-By-Step Program on How to Create More Intimacy and Rekindle Romance in your Relationship

  • There are proven ways to work through these problems. Let us show you how so you replace frustration and worry with deeper understanding and fulfillment in your relationship.

  • Introducing The Online Relationship Toolkit: Where you will discover how to effectively manage and navigate the five most common issues that arise in relationships: communication, money, anger, physical and emotional intimacy. These issues are at the core of every unhappy relationship.

Online Relationship Toolkit

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Introducing a communication group for couples

Loving Communication for Couples

For more information or to register, contact Jamie at

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FamilyKind introduces: Relationship & Communication Programs for Couples.

FamilyKind Relationship Newsletters


Family Relationships & Email Coaching

FamilyKind On Family Relationships and Email Coaching

About the Service

  • Guidance to manage life transitions

  • Clarify needs and concerns to create and meet goals

  • Email revision coaching eliminates high-conflict language

  • Changes to improve co-parenting communication

  • Strengthen stepfamily relationships

  • Locations New York City, Long Island, Westchester and remote access

  • Fees determined on a sliding scale basis

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Sliding Fees Scale

FamilyKind is dedicated to providing high-quality services and education to all families despite their financial situation. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Call 212 769 3057 or email for more information.