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In-Person Parent Ed Class

Live Zoom Parent Education Class
for Divorcing and Separating Parents

FamilyKind In-Person Education Classes

"Very insightful about dealing with co-parenting situations"

- Parent Education Class Participant

About the Class

  • For divorcing, separating and never-married parents

  • Class runs 4.5 hours

  • Refreshments served

  • Effective strategies to use with co-parents and children

  • Conveniently offered in 6 locations in the New York metropolitan area

  • Certified classes are available in English

  • Learn with other parents

  • $100 Fee

  • Sliding scale and limited fee waivers are available based on need

  • Certificate recognized nationally

  • Six months of free text messages available to reinforce skills

  • Click to see our Calendar & Fees for In-Person Parent Education Classes

  • All classes from 9 AM to 2 PM EST.

  • Download the 2023 Parent Education flyer HERE.

2023 Calendar for Live Zoom Parenting Education Classes

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In-Person Classes are available! Click HERE to learn more. fees and registration. Pre-registration is required.

En Español: FamilyKind offers non-certified classes in Spanish in our Bronx class location.

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Individualized parent education

Individualized Parenting Education

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About the service

  • Parenting educators will meet with single parents or co-parents whose main focus will be to identify, apply and strengthen parenting and family skills over a series of 45-minute sessions.

  • Parents who have completed parenting education classes either at FamilyKind or elsewhere, may work one-on-one with a parenting educator who will optimize the application of previously learned skills.

  • Parents who haven’t had the opportunity to complete a parenting education program, may still work with a parenting educator on a one-to-one basis to learn important distinctions about parenting strategies, skills and styles.

  • Children of various stages and ages pose parenting challenges, however, as parents gain insights into how to be effective in the best interest of their children, relationships and family well-being improves.

“You’ll be amazed at how you can fall back in love with the job of being a parent.”

"Experience valuable workforce development for the most rewarding job of your life."

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Clases para padres

About the service

Participant Eligibility

All families with children aged 0-18 are eligible for the SPF program. 

Affordable sliding fees and scholarships are available for families in need. 

Program Overview

The Successful Parenting with FamilyKind (SPF) Program offers high-quality, group-based parenting education that addresses the specific needs of diverse populations, all families with children 0–18, within the community. The program is delivered virtually through Zoom classes mostly, catering to the accessibility of parents. Additionally, the program fosters community collaboration, linking families with relevant resources, and provides culturally responsive and multilingual support in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Farsi, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Class Information

Parenting groups meet weekly for 8 sessions, starting the third week of Oct 2023 (16th/17th/19th)the last class will be completed on Dec 15. Small group size (10-20). Schedules are in the EST Time Zone.

  • Thursdays 12:00-1:00, Early childhood parenting (for families with children aged 0-5) 

  • Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00 PM, Middle childhood parenting (for families with children aged 6-12) 

  • Mondays 8:00-9:00 PM, Adolescent parenting (for families with children aged 13-18) 

  • 周二中午12:00-1:00,成功育子家长课中文班(孩子年龄18岁或以下,讲中文的家庭) 

- The word “Parents” throughout this document includes all individuals who function in parenting - parents, stepparents, foster parents, grandparents, families and friends, babysitters, childcare providers… etc.

The Mission of SPF: Your Parenting Success, Our Mission.


Groups & Classes

Culturally responsive curricula and lessons are tailored to meet the needs of various populations, including but not limited to

  • Early childhood parenting (for families with children aged 0-5)

  • Middle childhood parenting (for families with children aged 6-12)

  • Late Childhood/Youth parenting (for families with children aged 13-18)

  • Grandparenting

  • LGBTQ+ families

  • Adolescent parents (for parents who are teenagers)

  • Fathers’ group (for families going through transition/separation/divorce)

  • Mothers’ group (for families going through transition/separation/divorce)

Strengths of The SPF Program and Its Team:

  1. Two-generational integrated lesson plans: The FamilyKind Program adheres to quality standards encompassing five domains - Parent Development, Parent-Child Relationships, Child/Youth Development, Family Development, and Culture & Community. This ensures that the program delivers scientific research-based, evidence-informed knowledge, strategies, and resources to parents.

  2. Highly qualified parent educators: The SPF Program's team consists of licensed/certified parent and family educators who own a master’s degree and possess the expertise to identify and address families' specific needs. They are passionate about supporting families and are committed to providing valuable guidance.

  3. Tailored curriculums and topics: The SPF Program offers customized curriculums and topics that cater to the unique requirements of each parenting group and individual families. This approach ensures that families receive relevant and applicable knowledge, tools, and skills.

  4. Peer-support opportunities: Group-based classes within the SPF Program provide parents with opportunities to exchange experiences and support one another. This peer-support environment is beneficial for parents, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.


Proposal Goals:


  1. Enhance parents' understanding of their evolving role: Deepen parents' awareness of the significance of their role in their children's lives and how it evolves throughout their developmental stages.

  2. Provide knowledge and realistic expectations: SPF equips parents with the knowledge and tools needed to anticipate and meet their children's developmental needs effectively. By setting realistic expectations, parents can support their children's growth and foster a nourishing family environment.

  3. Strengthen parent-child relationships: SPF emphasizes the importance of sensitive and responsive care, helping parents establish and nurture positive parent-child relationships. Strong parent-child bonds contribute to children's physical and mental well-being, cognitive and emotional development, social skills, and overall approach to learning.

  4. Facilitate community engagement: The SPF Program promotes active participation in formal and informal social networks within the community. By connecting families with these resources, parents gain support and guidance beyond the program, enhancing their overall parenting experience and increasing family social capital.

  5. Foster smooth transitions: SPF supports families to experience seamless transitions from early childhood programs to kindergarten and the K-12 school system. A smooth transition lays a solid foundation for children's success in school and life.

  6. Enhance parental involvement in education: Actively engage parents in their children's learning and education during the school-age years. By fostering stronger partnerships between parents and schools, we can create a supportive environment that maximizes children's educational achievements.

Languages Available for Fall 2023 

  • English

  • Mandarin

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Nuestro Clases de educación para padres en español. Estas son clases no certificadas.

Online Meeting

Información sobre Esta Clase:

  • Clases para padres: Una clase de 4.5 horas que se ofrece en persona o en línea para padres que se están divorciando, separando o que nunca se han casado. Los participantes aprenden herramientas y estrategias de gran utilidad para mejorar la comunicación entre los padres y el bienestar de los niños y de la familia. Puede ser en inglés o en español.

  • Pregunta por nuestro Clases de educación para padres en español. (Ask us about Parent Education classes available in Spanish.)

  • Estas son clases no certificadas y no son aceptada por los tribunales del Estado de Nueva York.

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NYLJ logo.png
FimilyKind On Sondra Miller

Click Here to read Judge Miller’s article in the New York Law Office making a case for parent education for divorcing parents.

The current pandemic has increased the tensions that normally affect families, and particularly those engaged in divorce proceedings.
In the article, Judge Miller eloquently pleads the case for parent education for divorcing parents.

Judge Sondra M. Miller

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FamilyKind Parenting Education

Parenting Education is Fun and Rewarding.

Come Be Amazed!

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