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Our Partners & Supporters of FamilyKind

Community Engagements

FamilyKind is involved in many community and
professional engagements. Here are just a few:

Paradigm Shifts Podcast
Harriette Steinberg

with Lesley Friedland (video podcast)

Click the image to watch the video podcast

Paradigm Shifts Podcast with Lesley Friedland.png

Watch the Podcast on YouTube

I had the privilege to be a guest on Harriette Steinberg's podcast, Paradigm Shifts. Tune in to hear us talk about my work at FamilyKind and how we help families going through #divorce and #separation.

In this episode of Paradigm Shifts, Harriette Steinberg speaks with Lesley Friedland, Executive Director of FamilyKind. At FamilyKind, Lesley leads a highly skilled team of mediators, parenting coordinators, educators, coaches, communication and stepfamily specialists. FamilyKind supports families prior to, during and after the divorce and separation process by providing a variety of supportive and educational services, helping their clients to keep the kids out of the conflict.

Tune in to the episode to learn:
* How FamilyKind is trying to change the culture of how society sees divorce and separation
* How Lesley transitioned from work as an attorney to co-founding FamilyKind.

Click Here to watch the podcast.

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Keep The Kids In Mind Podcast
Rachel Green

Helping Families Transition Through Separation and Divorce with Lesley Friedland (video podcast)

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Rachel Greeen Podcast - April 2023.png

Watch the Podcast on YouTube

In this episode of Keep the Kids in Mind, Rachel Green interviews Lesley Ann Friedland, Esq., Founder and Executive Director of FamilyKind.​

In every episode of Keep the Kids in Mind, Rachel Green, a family, and divorce mediator with over 25 years of experience, interviews Marriage Therapists, Attorneys, Divorce Coaches, Child Development Specialists, Financial Planners, and Teachers to help people who are going through a divorce or separation with children involved.


  • How can divorcing couples keep the kids in mind?

  • What are the common pitfalls for divorcing couples with children and how can people protect children from the conflict, so that they come through whole and healthy?

  • What are the (surprising) benefits to children of divorce? How can the parents move into a restructured family with 2 homes?

This podcast explores these questions and more.  

Click Here to watch the podcast.

April 2022 Engagements.png

FamilyKind’s very own Lesley Friedland recently spoke to BMCC in manhattan.

Lesley 2021 BMCC.jpeg

Lesley Friedland, FamilyKind's Founder and Executive Director was awarded at the 2021 BNI professionals meetings for inviting the most guests.

Lesley BNI Award.jpeg
Lesley BNI Award 2.jpeg
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