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Secondary Trauma Group

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FamilyKind offers a Secondary Trauma Group

A help and support group for professionals.
We give you the space you need to say it is OK not to always feel OK.

Secondary Trauma is real.

It can be due to challenges to our work which includes families in trauma and crisis, institutions that need to be navigated or challenging colleagues that we need to work with. This can impact us in very distressing ways and leave us feeling alone and isolated, and at risk for a downward spiral. This can be stressful to the point that we are experiencing a Secondary Trauma in our work due to these factors.

It is a phenomenon that can happen suddenly with one interaction with a family as they describe their own trauma. It can also occur when we might read about or hear about these traumas over and over again (Vicarious trauma). 

For the divorce professional (lawyers, mental health practitioners, financial planners, educators, mediators and more), our work can leave us susceptible to physical and emotional symptoms. 


Our Monthly Group can be helpful in coping with our trauma as well as connecting and sharing with others that are in similar situations, as this is the nature of the work.

The group's goal is to provide a safe space to explore ways to take care of ourselves on many different levels that includes our physical, emotional, behavioral and spiritual selves.


Join us!

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