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Why FamilyKind

Giving Kindness to Divorced or Separating Families

FamilyKind Giving Kindness To Divorced Or Seperating Families

Are you and your children having problems because of separation or divorce? While family situations may change, healthy outcomes can be achieved when children are protected throughout the process.

FamilyKind can help. FamilyKind is a nonprofit organization empowering children, parents and couples before, during and after separation or divorce — no matter their family configuration, or financial situation.

We offer classes and programs for parents, children, and teens as well as informational workshops for adults.

FamilyKind also provides professional mediation, parenting coordination, co-parenting communication, and family relationship coaching services — in all five NYC boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester County — at a sliding scale for those who qualify.

FamilyKind is a Certified Provider for the New York State Parent Education & Awareness Program.

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FamilyKind Services

Our Services

We offer high-quality services to families no matter their configuration, or despite their financial situation. All classes, workshops, and services are offered on a sliding scale for those who qualify.

FamilyKind Surport All Families

All Families

FamilyKind provides support to families in transition due to separation or divorce including parent education, mediation, parenting coordination, GoodTalk4Parents, GoodTalk4Children, family relationships coaching, and more.

FamilyKind Team

Our Team

Meet our team of trained service providers and educators including attorneys, mediators, parenting coordinators, mental health professionals, family science practioners, social workers, coaches, and workshop facilitators.

For information on our services – please email Emily Jonas at

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