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Great teachers, comfortable environment, good to have people that genuinely care for others that are running the class.

This class should be mandated at the *start* of every family court case. I found it very valuable and I walked away with many tools and helpful takeaways.

I am a huge fan of FamilyKind and have taken many classes there. FamilyKind's instructor who taught the Zoom class, was just wonderful.

So impressed with the classes. FamilyKind has a more holistic approach than the traditional clinical or legal professionals and other parenting organizations

“FamilyKind has compassionate people. They provide transformative classes.

I wish I knew about this class before.

FamilyKind really has helped him. He attended the 7 week ed series in the summer and told me he has had much better communication not only with his co-parent but with his son and his family of origin. Also, the good news too is that we worked through feeling overwhelmed by not only his parenting issues but also his high pressure job. We spoke about self care.  He had  years worth of vacation time because he never goes on vacation and I am happy to report he is actually going to Florida with his girlfriend for four days as of Sunday. Good for him!!!

I am very grateful for the time spent talking to you and Giseel today. I got so much accomplished with these calls. I already feel like I am in a better place because you have offered me services which will allow me to move forward in a positive direction.

The principles of respectful parenting, and that developing my own emotional health is the best way to develop my child's emotional health. The Good Parent vs Responsible Parent is a document I will refer to (and share) for a long, long time! Hospitals should distribute it at birth ;).

I really appreciate your time and sensitivity in helping me find a service that worked for my family." With FamilyKind's help, we are all breathing a sign of relief.

I have learned how to be a better parent and listener and understanding children behavior and how to address them.

Respect is very important and understanding what is being said.

I looked up divorce mediators online and there were so many of them. FamilyKind stood out because it emphasized communication and working together as co-parents.

Thank you so much. I feel like I am going to cry. I have not told this whole thing to anyone before you. I am so grateful to you for listening and to FamilyKind for having so many services which allow me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you so much. I really feel hopeful after speaking with you yesterday and am looking forward to engaging in your services. I appreciate how important the work that you do is.

I am crying. My husband was furloughed during Covid, and my small business dwindled down to nothing. When I learned about FamilyKind, it sounded too good to be true. We had an extremely professional and excellent mediator who helped us with our divorce free-of-charge since we qualified for grant money. I am now able to move forward with my life after being stuck for so long. I am crying tears of gratitude. Thank you FamilyKind!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is very rare to find a person who cares enough to listen to my story and understand it.

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