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May 25, 2022 Roundup

Recent family related news included a look at an evolving wedding industry that is more sensitive to culture and environmental issues; an ode to mothering and a sanguine poem about joint custody. News from India includes a story about grandparents who sue their son and his wife demanding that they give them a grandchild.

The New York Times, May 5, 2022

Ada Limón’s poems give us hope that is hard-earned, even laced with grief or unhappiness. Here, the tension was a child’s divided life due to a parent’s divorce.

‘Colorful Weddings’ pushes the marriage business beyond bridal white Fred de Sam Lazaro, Sam Lane, Layla Quran, Simeon Lancaster, PBS Newsweekend, May 7, 2022 With the return of weddings, the lack of services catered to people of color and nontraditional couples has become very apparent. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro looks at how some in the industry are hoping to change that.

India­n Couple Longing for a Grandchild Sues Son and His Wife Demanding Baby NBC New York, May 13, 2022 A retired Indian couple is suing their son and daughter-in-law, demanding that they produce a grandchild within a year or pay them 50 million rupees ($675,000). The court accepted their petition and scheduled it for a hearing on Monday in Haridwar, a city in northern Uttarakhand state, media reports said.

Raising kids is hard work. The way we think about it can shift how we value mothering Asma Khalid, Sylvie Douglis, Michelle Aslam, NPR, May 16, 2022 It’s a collective social responsibility to raise children into adults. However, we often expect people to do this work alone and fail to recognize how valuable their contributions are.

Green options transforming a wedding industry prone to waste Leanne Italie, APNews, May 18, 2022 A growing contingent of brides and grooms is pushing for more sustainable changes, from the way they invite guests to the food they serve and the clothes they wear. Requests for thrifted weddings have tripled according to the site’s 2022 wedding trends report.

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