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February 2024 Global Roundup

Family related news highlighted many new trends including: a dramatic rise in the number of ‘stay at home’ dads; singles over 60 cherishing their singleness, rather than rushing to coupledom; and the popularity of being a Solo Poly. Also topping the family news: Greece became the first Orthodox Christian country to recognize same sex marriage; and a spotlight on the power of money, when marrying and divorcing.

familykind may news roundup

Gina Cherelus, The New York Times, Updated February 10, 2024

Among all the throuples, polycules and nesting partners, there exists another category of polyamory that still throws many for a loop: solo polyamory, or having concurrent intimate relationships while maintaining independence. For the solo poly, the end goal is not an exclusive partnership, marriage, shared finances or cohabitation. The solo poly is interested in seeing several people at once.

Lyz Lenz, Time, February 13, 2024

The author argues that marriage has always been about money. The first marriages were alliances between families to strengthen economic ties. As Western culture evolved, marriage, still a contract, became more about mutual understanding and affection, however finances were/are still a big component. For the author, in her relationship, money had been a trap, but when she had the support and the equality she needed, money became her freedom.

Niki Kitsantonis, The New York Times, February 15, 2024

Greece legalized same-sex marriage and equal parental rights for same-sex couples on Thursday as lawmakers passed a bill that has divided Greek society and drawn vehement opposition from the country’s powerful Orthodox Church. Although Greece became the 16th European Union country to allow same-sex marriage, it is the first Orthodox Christian nation to pass such a law. In addition to recognizing same-sex marriages, the legislation clears the way for adoption and gives the same rights to both same-sex parents as a child’s legal guardian, whereas to date such rights have applied only to the biological parent. Supporters said the changes were a crucial step toward granting full rights to gay people and their children, and opening up minds in a society where traditional heteronormative attitudes prevail.

Kelly Marie Coyne, The New York Times, Updated February 20, 2024

The percentage of stay-at-home parents who are fathers has risen dramatically over the last three decades. Pew Research Center, using the Census Bureau’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement, published a report over the summer showing that almost 1 in 5 American parents who do not work for pay are fathers. From 1989 to 2021 (the latest Pew data), that represented a 63.6 percent increase — the result of both rapid growth in the share of fathers who do not work for pay and a slight decrease in the share of mothers who do not work for pay. 

Catherine Pearson, The New York Times, February, 21, 2024

Around 30 percent of adults in the United States over the age of 50 are single, according to a 2022 Pew survey, and despite the stigma that tends to surround both singleness and advanced age, many relish being on their own. Older singles were less likely than their younger counterparts to say they wanted to date or find a romantic relationship, and research suggests people’s satisfaction with being single tends to jump in middle age.

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