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April 2024 Global Roundup

Recent family related news highlighted a region in Italy with an increasing birthrate due to the abundance of supportive services offered to parents, and a child of divorce contemplates all the different ways people can divorce. Also in the news is a focus on the difficulty that couples have talking about money; the danger of mutual orders of protections; and a look at the “divorce ring,” which celebrates a personal evolution.

familykind may news roundup

Allison Duncan, The New York Times, March 28, 2024

The model Emily Ratajkowski’s “divorce rings” are part of a trend for jewelry that signals a new beginning after a marriage ends. Ms. Ratajkowski states: “I would like there to be a perspective that allows space for the fact that leaving a relationship is often a remarkable and brave act. I really would like to see single moms — or women starting over for the first time in a terrifying way — find some kind of solace in the idea that they’re not failures for leaving.”                                                                           

Jason Horowitz and Gaia Pianigiani, The New York Times, April 1, 2024

The Alto Adige-South Tyrol area has not seen a decline in its birthrate as many other regions in Italy. The reason, experts say, is that the provincial government has over time developed a thick network of family-friendly benefits including discounted nursery schools, baby products, groceries, health care, energy bills, transportation, after-school activities and summer camps.                                                                              

Modern Love Podcast, Hosted by Anna Martin, The New York Times, April 3, 2024

Maya Hawke, the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, shares that she has been really interested in all the different ways to get divorced – is there a good way or are they all bad?’ Ms. Hawke reads the essay “Our Kinder, Gentler, Nobody-Moves-Out Divorce,” by Jordana Jacobs, and discusses her own experience as a child of divorce, in this Modern Love episode.                                                                                                   

Catherine Pearson, The New York Times, April 5, 2024

Research shows that financial conflicts may be a stronger predictor of divorce than other types of disagreements. “It’s really hard to feel comfortable starting these conversations,” said Jillian Knight, a licensed marriage and family therapist. “Because a lot of the time, people have the belief that you shouldn’t talk about money or that they’re not good with money.” The author of this article, Ms. Pearson, spoke with Ms. Knight, and other therapists, who work with couples on money issues about some common communication missteps.   


Patricia Fersch, Forbes, April 19, 2024

Ms. Fersch argues that mutual orders of protection should not be issued without evidence of abuse by both parties and a hearing should be mandatory. They should not be issued to expedite the court’s calendar or to make swift dispatch of the court’s caseload. The risk to victims is too great to get it wrong by giving an abuser an order of protection that he can use to further abuse, harass, menace his victim and have her incarcerated.

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