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December 2022 Happenings Newsletter

"December is a simple wish that brings spectacular moments.”
- Unknown

Upcoming FamilyKind Happenings


Getting Married Again?

Get Your Financial Communication Right This Time! Attend together: Our Must-have Virtual Financial Class for Couples!

Next class is February 13, 2023 from 6–8pm ET

familykind mediation services

You're ready for a new beginning. Learn how to effectively communicate about finances. Together.

This program is created to revolutionize the way couples communicate about money, financial matters and how to build their dreams together.

Enroll Now for the February 13th class!


Online Relationship Toolkit

- Special Offer -

FamilyKind clients can receive the first module on Communication from the Online Relationship Toolkit for FREE

Learn how to create more intimacy and rekindle romance in your relationship!

  • Online relationship toolkit to improve your relationship

  • A step-by-step program on how to create more intimacy and rekindle romance in your relationship

  • There are proven ways to work through these problems. Let us show you how so you replace frustration and worry with deeper understanding and fulfillment in your relationship

  • The Online Relationship Toolkit: You will discover how to effectively manage and navigate the five most common issues that arise in relationships: communication, money, anger, physical and emotional intimacy. These issues are at the core of every unhappy relationship.


FamilyKind offers Live, In-Person Parent Education Classes for Separating or Divorcing Parents!

Our live, in-person classes are also offered live via Zoom.

Join our live, in-person NYS Certified Parent Education Classes for Separating or Divorcing Parents and get all the benefits that being in a live, in-person class can offer!

Our live, in-person classes are also offered live via Zoom.

To enroll, please call 212-769-3057, email or click the button.


New virtual HEART Group (Healing from Emotional Anger and Relational Trauma) Starts January 11, 2023 at 7:30pm ET

Who's in Control – You or Your Anger?

In this eight-week virtual group, we will distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate expressions of anger while exploring the hidden emotions behind the anger particularly in view of relational trauma.


Individualized Parenting Education

What is Individualized Parenting Education?

FamilyKind parenting educators meet individually with parents to identify, apply and strengthen parenting skills and family management tools. This service is provided virtually.

To learn more, visit us at or click the button below.


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