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A Step-By-Step Program on How to Create More Intimacy and Rekindle Romance in your Relationship

This is a recorded Program that you can access at any time.
You and your partner can go at your own pace. 

*FamilyKind clients get a special reduced rate!

FamilyKind clients can receive the first module on Communication from the Online Relationship Toolkit for FREE. This audio/powerpoint module will teach you proven strategies on how to communicate more effectively with your partner. Please contact and we will have the module transferred to you.

You can buy the rest of the Online Relationship Toolkit Program which includes; Anger, Money, Physical Intimacy and Emotional Intimacy for only $99 dollars only through FamilyKind.

About the Class

  • Are you worn out from having the same fights with your partner?

  • Do you feel easily triggered by your partner because of resentment that has built up?

  • Is the romance missing? Have those amazing date nights, stolen glances and gentle touches faded into memory?

  • Are you having difficulty communicating and feel that your partner doesn’t understand you?

  • Do you feel that money issues are getting in the way of having a healthy relationship?

There are proven ways to work through these problems. Let us show you how so you replace frustration and worry with deeper understanding and fulfillment in your relationship.

The Online Relationship Toolkit: Where you will discover how to effectively manage and navigate the five most common issues that arise in relationships: communication, money, anger, physical and emotional intimacy. These issues are at the core of every unhappy relationship.

Toolkits for Couples Should be a Top Priority. Here’s Why: It’s exciting to head on a life journey with your partner but you probably wouldn’t get in the car for a drive to an unfamiliar destination without your trusty navigation system. The same goes for relationships. A roadmap helps you navigate through the rough areas that inevitably come relationships.     

A successful relationship takes work. You will want to have a first aid kit at your convenience. Not necessarily to use today, just to help you always feel prepared.     

How the Relationship Toolkit Works: You will instantly receive access to 5 digital audios and PDF visual downloads. From the comfort of your home, car or out exercising, you can use the program to make immediate and positive changes in your relationship. Listen, learn and transform your relationship. 


What people are saying:After listening to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program, I am convinced that it is a must have tool for anyone who is in a relationship. The strategies and exercises in these audios help couples open up and bond with each other in new and exciting ways that I never knew existed. I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first, but after listening to the program, I was transformed.”  -  Anna E.


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Relationship Toolkit

Class Leader

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel.jpg

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel

Rachel Moheban is an individual and couple’s therapist in NYC for over two decades. She established a group practice called ‘The Relationship Suite’ in New York and New Jersey of skilled clinicians specializing in couples/marriage counseling. Ms. Moheban is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT,) Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT,) Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and Mediation. She is also certified in Critical Incident Management and provides on-site consultation, counseling and training to various corporations and organizations. She has also provided training to educators and mental health professionals on child abuse prevention and treatment. She has trained and certified professionals at all the mandated schools for the Board of Education in New York City.


Rachel Moheban created a self-study program for couples called “The Online Relationship Toolkit.” This self-help program uses a combination of psycho-education, proactive skills and proven techniques to help couples transform their relationship. 

Ms. Moheban is a multi-lingual speaker of Spanish, Hebrew and Farsi.

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