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August 13, 2018

Recent family-related news included a possible new role for IRAs in divorce settlements, a look at what constitutes “grounds” for divorce in the United Kingdom, an English ruling on Islamic marriage, the growing number of adopted children reuniting with their birth parents, a reversal of the “one child” policy in China and finally we have added a link to a video recently prepared by a retired Family Court judge, conveying an important message to parents about keeping their children out of their conflict.

Can Inherited IRAs be Split in a Divorce? Ed Slott, Investmentnews, July 16, 2018 IRAs may play a bigger role in divorce settlements, with the pretax funds being used to make up for the lost alimony deduction. This is a new phenomenon, and it may signal a developing trend in future divorce agreements, especially in light of the new alimony rules that go into effect in 2019.

Unhappy Marriage Not Grounds for Divorce, Supreme Court Rules The Guardian, July 25, 2018 A woman who wants to divorce her husband of 40 years because she says their marriage is unhappy has lost her case. Supreme court judges in England “reluctantly” told her she must remain his wife, because a joyless marriage is not adequate grounds for a divorce if one spouse refuses to agree.

English Law Applies to Islamic Marriage, Judge Rules in Divorce Case The Guardian, August, 1, 2018 A husband tried to block divorce petition, arguing the couple were married only under sharia law. However, a high court judge has decided that a couple’s Islamic marriage falls within the scope of English matrimonial law in a ruling that could have implications for thousands of Muslims in the UK.

When Adopted Children Want to Meet Their Birth Parents Graham Shelby, The New York Times, August 7, 2018 Adoption experts say first-time meetings between adult adoptees and their birth parents are becoming more common among the more than five million American adults who were adopted as children. The popularity of online genetic services like and 23andMe is a significant factor, along with social media and the trend toward open adoptions.

Burying ‘One Child’ Limits, China Pushes Women to Have More Babies Steven Lee Myers and Olivia Mitchell Ryan, The New York Times, August 11, 2018 Almost three years after easing its “one child” policy and allowing couples to have two children, the government has begun to acknowledge that its efforts to raise the country’s birthrate are faltering… The new campaign has raised fears that China may go from one invasive extreme to another in getting women to have more children. Some provinces are already tightening access to abortion or making it more difficult to get divorced.

Point C Video Written and Produced by Lawrence R. Jones, Retired Judge of the Superior Court, State of New Jersey, June 2018 In the author’s words: “Point C is a five minute video fable with an important legal, psychological and social message for both parents and professionals concerning family court litigation over the “best interests” of a child.”

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