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FamilyKind Webinars For Families

Webinars for Families

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FamilyKind’s Free Webinar Series:

Co Parentng
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“Coping with Co-Parenting”

This webinar series aim to help separated and divorcing couples BETTER understand and
use effective communication strategies and skills.

The webinars were held live from 8:00 – 8:30 PM (EST) on the first Monday of each month. Attendees will be able to send in questions live. Each webinar will be recorded
for on‐demand viewing. Our webinars are currently on pause. 

See previous webinar series. Click the button below.

Often children’s first time they get their own money is when the tooth fairy comes. As sweet as that is, parents need to be prepared for teaching a lot more about money as children grow. Most of us are uncomfortable talking about money with anyone.

So what do we want our children to know? Well, besides the denominations of coins and bills, we want them to be clear about what our values are about money. What are those values and how do we convey them? Which of these statements, if any, are true for you? In our family, we earn our money, we save our money for things we want, we share our money with those who are less fortunate or with groups that support things we support, we have money for emergencies (such as a rainy day fund), we budget our money so we can pay our bills on time, and more.

Want to learn more about how to teach your children about money? Join us on October 5 at 8pm for our next FamilyKind webinar.

Expert Faculty

• Ellen Taner, Moderator, Parent Educator, Trainer & Director,
Program Development for FamilyKind
• Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA Financial Planner and Treasurer for FamilyKind
• Lesley Friedland, panelist, Attorney, Mediator & FamilyKind Executive Director

Who Should Attend?

• Anyone interested in being a better co-parent, especially separating and divorcing couples across the US
• Professionals who help families, especially those in the family science, mediation, mental health and legal professions

There is no charge to attend the webinars thanks to the generous support of our sponsor: 

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