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Summertime Transitions for Children of Divorce and Separation

July 1, 2018/by Ellen Taner

Summer brings about many transitions for families. Families move from a nine-month school-based schedule to a variety of summer activities for children and parents. Some parents use this time of year to transition from an intact family to a new configuration without the pressures of the academic year. Often children of divorce or separation leave their home for camp or to enjoy extended time with their other parent. For newly configured families, uninterrupted vacation time provides children with new experiences and fond memories.

Not all transitions are easy, but with a positive view and support, they can lead to an improved quality of life for the family.

FamilyKind understands transitions as well. Collaboration with Kids of Summer Sports created an opportunity to provide support for children experiencing transitions during and post family re-configuration. We are excited to offer two brand new children’s programs for those of divorced or separated parents.

Children in grades 3 to 5 participate in the fun and interactive program Good Talk for Children, based on many of the same skills and principles parents learn in FamilyKind’s certified parent education classes, but at a level they can understand.

Youth in grades 6 to 8 participating in Good Photography for Children learn how to use photography to understand and express themselves. Who doesn’t know a teen that’s constantly taking and posting selfies, food, friends and places? With guided prompts and valuable discussions, they’ll broaden their views and feelings about their world.

Tell me more you ask? Here’s some quick information.

What: “Good Talk for Children” is also known as GT4. “Good Photography for Children” is also known as GP4. More information is available at or

When: Both programs are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 5:30 (after typical camp hours) for 3 weeks. GT4’s first 3-week cycle is from July 10 to July 26 and it’s second 3-week cycle is between July 31 and August 16. Children take either the first or second session. GP4 will run for one 3-week cycle from July 31 to August 16. (Keep an eye out for the fall schedule of programs.)

Where: Both programs will be conducted in AIR CONDITIONED classrooms at PS 75 on West End Avenue and 95th Street, NYC, conveniently located near the 1, 2 and 3 trains at 96th Street. Snacks will be served.

Who: Youth in grades 3 to 5 and 6 to 8 who are or have experienced their parents’ divorce or separation are welcome, whether or not they are attending camp. To find out if these programs are right for your child(ren) or to REGISTER, contact Ellen Taner at 212 213 3530 or Ellen Taner will lead GT4 and Ellen Denuto will lead GP4. Both programs will have two additional staff.

How: After completing the registration process, parents will be invoiced $300 for one child or $550 for two (siblings or friends registering at the same time).

Why: Families deserve and need high-quality support as they transition through divorce and separation, and FamilyKind is here to help!

• • •

Ellen Taner is a parenting and family education practitioner.

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