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September 17, 2018

Recent family-related news included an Australian study of how young children define “home” after marital separation, a new drama focused on the work of a British family court judge, a look at how Britain is going to roll out their version of “no fault” divorce and finally some tips from experts on how to best approach remarriage when children are involved.

The Meaning of Home for Children and Young People After Parental Separation Australian Institute of Family Studies, September 6, 2018 Researchers analyzed data collected from interviews with 22 children of separated families between 2009–2011 to look at how children described home. The central theme to emerge was that, for the children interviewed, home and the absence of home was formed through relationships with family members and issues arising in those relationships.

A Child’s Best Interest is the Subject of Complex Debate in The Children Act Justin Chang, NPR, September 14, 2018 A new — and nuanced — legal drama features Emma Thompson as a family court judge coping with issues involving children in her courtroom and her personal turmoil at home.

Divorce Law: Plans to Overhaul “Archaic” Laws Revealed BBC, September 15, 2018 More details have emerged about government plans to overhaul “archaic” divorce laws in England and Wales. Couples wishing to divorce could soon benefit from a less confrontational process, under proposals confirmed by the Justice Secretary David Gauke.

No Fault: UK Proposes Major Easing of Divorce Procedures U.S. News & World Report, September 15, 2018 The British government is proposing to introduce “no-fault” divorces and make other changes to make it much easier for married couples to divorce. There will be a 12-week consultation period to gauge public response. Under the proposals, spouses would no longer be able to challenge a divorce application made by their partner.

Planning for Remarriage American Psychological Association, September, 2018 The so-called “blended family” is no longer an aberration in American society: It’s a norm. A marriage that brings with it children from a previous marriage presents many challenges. This article explores three key issues families should consider as they plan for their remarriage.

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