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September 10, 2018

Recent family-related news included tips for parents getting divorced from an Australian professional, why immediate chemistry wanes over the longer term, more research on the ‘gray divorce’ and two articles addressing the United Kingdom’s landmark decision to launch ‘no fault divorce’.

How to Tell Your Child You’re Getting Divorced Rachael Sharman, ABC Australia, August 22, 2018 While some kids may be lucky enough to skate through their parents’ separation relatively unscathed, the majority are going to suffer at least some short-term, if not longer-term, distress. The author offers some advice to help couples who find themselves in a somewhat amicable separation, desiring help talking to their children and about their divorce.

4 Reasons Opposite Attraction Won’t Last Jill P. Weber PhD, Psychology Today, September 5, 2018 Dr. Weber finds that sometimes people who are so different from one another feel attracted to each other precisely because it takes them away from what they are bored with or disdain about themselves. In the long run, however, this initial charge of excitement loses its appeal for most as resentment and distance invariably grows.

Being Older Doesn’t Make Divorce Any Wiser: Families Like Mine Fight to Buck Divorce Trend Teresa S. Collett, USA Today, September 6, 2018 Couples who are remarried are 2.5 times more likely to divorce than couples in a first marriage. Also, marriages of shorter duration are more likely to end in a “gray divorce” than longer marriages. But today, even among couples in long-lasting remarriages, there is a significantly higher risk of gray divorce.

Divorce Law: Ministers Plan Overhaul to Cut Antagonism BBC News, September 7, 2018 Divorce laws in England and Wales are set to be overhauled under government plans seeking to allow couples to split up more quickly and with less acrimony… Campaigners said it could be a “landmark moment” for divorce law.

UK Government to Launch Consultation on No-Fault Divorces Owen Bowcott and Heather Stewart, The Guardian, September 7, 2018 Christina Blacklaws, the president of the Law Society, said: “Making couples attribute fault in order to end their marriage can escalate the differences between them in an already charged situation. We welcome news the Ministry of Justice is to consult on proposals to update the divorce law. It’s time to bring this law into the 21st century to reflect the society we live in and we look forward to working with government to ensure the reforms are fit for purpose.”

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