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November 11, 2020 Roundup

Recent family related news from around the world focused on the importance of healthy communication before and during your marriage, a move to limit the rights of same-sex couples and a look at how divorce can be a positive thing, but complicated when a narcissist is involved.

Mothers: How To Litigate Child Custody With A Narcissist? Patricia Fersch, Forbes, September 10, 2020 The author shares tips and strategies to consider if you are in a custody battle with a narcissist, and reminds the reader, that every case is different so some strategies may not be applicable to your situation.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Prenups Caroline Bologna, Huff Post, October 16, 2020 Drafting a prenuptial agreement does not sound appealing, or necessary, to most people. However, prenups can make relationships stronger because they force couples to set goals and expectations for their marriage.

Become a Better Listener. Your Family Will Thank You Jancee Dunn, The New York Times, October 19, 2020 “Effective communication skills are more important than ever in our close-quarters existence…With some variation among scholars, there are at least three components of active listening: expressing verbal and nonverbal interest in what the person is saying, paraphrasing, and asking the person to elaborate.”

What’s Good About Divorce? Ann Gold Buscho Ph.D, Psychology Today, October 20, 2020 “It’s a huge loss; it’s a painful life crisis, sometimes traumatic, and often expensive. Yet as a friend said to me, ‘What I see now is that it would have been equally devastating had we stayed together.’ … Many who have been divorced will attest to the good things about divorce.”

Supreme Court Weighs Legacy of Same-Sex Marriage Case Adam Liptak, The New York Times, November 4, 2020 “In an argument marked by sharp exchanges on the sweep of its 2015 decision establishing a right to same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court on Wednesday considered whether Philadelphia may bar a Catholic agency that refuses to work with same-sex couples from screening potential foster parents.”

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