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November 9, 2021 Roundup

Recent family-related news includes a seasonal story of how divorced families can best cope with the holidays and a timely article of how Covid-19 further complicates the custody landscape. Also in the news is a look at the connection between child abduction and divorce in China and the rising number of women in the United States ordered to pay alimony. Lastly, on a hopeful note, a personal account of how even a difficult divorce can result in a positive new family dynamic.

Can a Good-Enough Marriage Make for a Great Divorce? Kimberly Harrington, The New York Times, October 7, 2021 “In continuing to share a home, along with our teenage kids, my ex and I have found true partnership…But, depending on the marriage and the two people involved, there is enormous potential to demonstrate to our friends, families, and especially our children that sometimes marriages can do more than dissolve. They have the power to evolve.”

Where Parents Have Abducted Their Own Children in a Bid for Custody Amy Qin and Amy Chang Chien, The New York Times, October 10, 2021 Disputes over custody have only recently become a major issue in China…For years, thousands of children in China have been taken and hidden. The practice rose along with the nation’s divorce rate. A new law aims to curb the practice.

Holidays Are Tough After a Divorce. Here’s How I Learned to Prepare. Hanna Ingber, The New York Times, October 28, 2021 The author shares: “For me, I know that holidays will often be challenging, but with each passing season, I’m leaning on old rituals, embracing new ones and learning what I need to manage better. One single mom offers her holiday-survival plan.”

The Paradox of Alimony for Men Louise Rafkin, The New York Times, October 30, 2021 The Supreme Court ruled that alimony is gender neutral in 1979. But, to some, women having to dole out spousal support still comes as a shock.

Vaccine Custody Wars: Update Part Two Patricia Fersch, Esq., Forbes, November 1, 2021 There are custody disputes occurring between parents all over the country regarding parents’ differences on whether or not to vaccinate their child with the COVID-19 vaccine. This article addresses updates in vaccine availability and what some courts have decided when faced with this issue.

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