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June 13, 2016

Last week’s family-related news coverage included results of a new study on the toughest times in motherhood, a discussion of the importance of “messy play”, and helping the new parents in your life by cooking for them.

Think Mothering Young Kids is Hard? Get Ready for Even Tougher Times Tania Lombrozo, National Public Radio, June 6, 2016 A new paper, published earlier this year in the journal Developmental Psychology,suggests that the hardest time for mothers isn’t when their children are in early childhood, but later — when their children reach middle school.

Should I Make My Daughter Clean Her Room? Judy Betalon, The New York Times, June 11, 2016 What does it mean when your child’s preschool teacher emphasizes the importance of “messy play”, urging you to stop asking your toddler to clean up every toy – should you simply “embrace the chaos”?

Almost As Good As A Full Night’s Sleep: 26 Dishes to Cook for New Parents Various Chefs, The New York Times, June 2016 Because they need more than trail mix and takeout, and they don’t need any more tiny socks. These make-ahead dishes will sustain new moms and dads for several days. Many of them freeze beautifully too.

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