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July 4, 2016

Last week’s family-related news coverage included a discussion of the connection between spanking and aggressive behavior in children, the storage of handguns in family homes, getting your kids to play outside, and how family-friendly policies in academia still favor male professors.

Gun Storage and Children Roni Caryn Rabin, The New York Times, June 24, 2016 How to ask the parents of your child’s friends whether they store a handgun in their home and the proper way to store a handgun in a house where children live.

A Family Friendly Policy, That’s Friendliest to Male Professors Justin Wolfers, The New York Times, June 24, 2016 Male economists who became parents used an extended tenure clock to publish their research, but there was no parallel rise in the output of female economists.

The Connection Between Spanking and Aggression Perri Klass, MD, The New York Times, June 27, 2016 One reason the American Academy of Pediatrics opposes spanking is because of evidence that it is associated with aggressive behavior in children. But does that mean that hitting children produces aggressive behavior, or that aggressive behavior in children elicits more and sterner parental measures?

The Intentional Summer Challenge: Play an Outdoor Game KJ Dell’Antonia, The New York Times, June 30, 2016 Anecdotally, parents know our kids spend less time playing outside than we did, and research bears that out. When mothers were questioned about the differences between their childhood experiences and those of their children, 70 percent described playing outdoors daily as children, many for more than three hours at a stretch.

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