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January 9, 2017

This week’s family-related news coverage included highlights of what we learned over the past year regarding how we can best educate our youth, a personal account of how a mother approaches body image with her tween daughter, a bold statement by a law professor who says: no laptop use in his classroom, a look at the pressing issue of lack of high quality child care for our nation’s working families, an inspirational look at the training of NYC public high school students for careers on the farm, an interview about the vital role of the high school counselor, a clarion call for better mental health services in our nation’s schools.

Top Issues Capturing the Minds of Educators and Parents This Year Katrina Schwartz, WKQED, December 27, 2016 The article focuses on the very important, but often tricky task, of educating our young people. “Since educating a child is a partnership between schools, families and communities, many classroom teachers and parents alike are increasingly concerned about the role parents play in nurturing and supporting students.”

Why I Talk About My Daughter’s Body Jeanne Sager, The New York Times, December 30, 2016 The author talks of her personal struggles with weight and body image and she shares her approach to mothering her tween daughter in this area.

Leave Your Laptops at the Door to My Classroom Darren Rosenblum, The New York Times, January 2, 2017 A law professor shares why he banned laptop use in his classroom. “Students need two skills to succeed as lawyers and as professionals: listening and communicating…Focus is crucial, and we do best when monotasking: Even disruptions of a few seconds can derail one’s train of thought.

Child Care Scarcity Has Very Real Consequences for Working Families Jessica Deahl, NPR, January 3, 2017 An analysis of some 7,000 ZIP codes by the Center for American Progress describes roughly half as “childcare deserts.” The idea of child care as a public good has increasing resonance with policy thinkers from the left and right. The time to address this pressing issue is past due.

The Next Generation of Farmers Is Being Trained in New York City High Schools Lela Nargi, The New York Times, January 5, 2017 Some 600 of the city’s public school students are enrolled in Bowne’s specialized, four-year agriculture program and many others are engaged at other programs prepare students to fill important jobs when they graduate, they also often fully engage them physically and emotionally. “Being in a city, you lose touch that someone out there is breaking their back growing these plants, having to slug it out with animals and the weather,” a student shared.

Don’t Call It ‘Guidance’ Anymore: A Talk With the Nation’s Top School Counselor Elissa Nadworny, NPR, January 6, 2017 Terri Tchorzynski, honored by Michelle Obama as the top school counselor in the country, shares her experiences and helps the reader understand the role of school counselors and how data is used to inform best practices. Counselors play a vital role in helping students succeed in three major areas: college and career readiness, social-emotional and academic domains.

We Need to Provide Better Mental Health Treatment in Schools. Here’s How to Start. Katie Hurley, The Washington Post, January 6, 2017 Each day, about 20 percent of the millions of children attending school are struggling with a mental health disorder. Early intervention by caring school professionals to help kids manage the ups and downs of life, and cope with things such as anxiety, can give kids the tools they need to work through obstacles as they grow.

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