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January 28, 2020

Recent family-related news included insights from the recent movie “Marriage Story,” the question of whether women really have “choices” when it comes to raising children and working outside the home, an interview about trends in divorce, a look at the phenomenon of “wedding shamers,” and the importance of prenups.

The Real Story Behind “Marriage Story” Vicki Shemin, JD, LICSW, ACSW, Updated January 14, 2020 “Rich or poor, the currency is communication. The challenge is to hire a divorce professional (or team) to help get you to the finish line with preserving dignity, civility and, most importantly, if there are children, the priceless co-parenting relationship.”

Why Mothers’ Choices about Work and Family Often Feel Like No Choice at All Clair Cain Miller, The New York Times, January 17, 2020 The United States offers neither paid family leave for all workers, nor public preschool. Child care is often unaffordable, inadequate or unavailable. Many Americans face work hours that are long and unpredictable, as well as rising health and housing costs. Women’s earnings stall after having children, and mothers spend significantly more time taking care of children than fathers do.

Splitting Up, But In It Together: Divorce In 2020 NPR Interview, January 21, 2020 The impact of a divorce is long-term and widespread. It affects not just the central couple – but also their children, their friends, and their extended families. A professor, a divorce professional and a columnist are interviewed in honor of “divorce month.”

It’s Not You, It’s Your Wedding Abby Ellin, The New York Times, January 23, 2020 Controversial wedding shamers take to social media to voice their opinions on wedding dresses, rings, cakes, mothers-in-law and so much more.

3 times a prenup is non-negotiable, according to a financial planner Liz Knueven, Business Insider, January 29, 2020 Getting a prenuptial agreement isn’t often the first thing on many couples’ minds after they decide to tie the knot. But, in some scenarios, many financial professionals feel it is essential.

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