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February 10, 2020 Roundup

Recent family-related news included data about the best cities to reside in – post divorce, a Swedish study that looked at how career advancement can affect the divorce rate, tips on how to thrive when divorcing in your 20s, hopeful perspectives from divorced British couples and thoughts from Noah Baumbach on his two films about divorce.

Study: Denver Among Top 5 Cities In America To Recover From Divorce, January 20, 2020 Denver ranks as one of the best areas in the country to financially recover from divorce, according to a recent study by The study analyzed census data concerning how divorced residents, between 35 and 64 years of age, were fairing in the 50 largest metropolitan cities.

Why promoted women are more likely to get divorced Maddy Savage, BBC, January 22, 2020 In Sweden, which ranks first in the EU’s gender equality index thanks to factors like generous parental leave, subsidized daycare and flexible working arrangements, economists recently studied how promotions to top jobs affected the probability of divorce for each gender. The result: women were much more likely to pay a higher personal price for their career success.

Divorcing in your 20s? These are the 4 questions you should ask yourself to make the process go smoother, according to a divorce lawyer. Amanda Cubit, Business Insider, January 25, 2020 It was once uncommon to hear of a couple going through a divorce while still in their 20s. Today, as millennials — especially those between the ages of 25 and 35 — embrace the idea of “starter marriages,” it has become more common…This article offers some tips to those young couples: Educate yourself on the legal effects of your split, be smart about how you behave during separation, and take care of yourself.

‘I’ve gained a best friend’: readers on getting on with ex-partners after divorce The Guardian, January 30, 2020 Marriage breakups are hard, but some people can rebuild relationships after they end things…Usually a difficult experience, sometimes divorce can result in stronger friendships between ex-partners. Five Guardian readers share their stories.

‘Marriage Story’ Creator Noah Baumbach On Portraying The ‘Surreal’ Reality Of Divorce Tonya Mosley & Allison Hagan, WBUR, February 04, 2020 “Though divorce is a large part of both “Marriage Story and “The Squid and the Whale,” Baumbach thinks both movies are foremost about family.”…“…I was thinking of this movie [Marriage Story] as a love story and a way to explore marriage,” he says. “And just because something is over doesn’t mean it failed.”

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