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December 8, 2021 Roundup

Recent family-related news included a Canadian filmmaker’s take on the “Quiet Revolution”; one woman’s campaign to effect positive changes in the Israeli legal system relating to domestic abuse and custody and an expose on “shadow foster care” in the United States. Also in the news are divorce tax tips out of New Jersey and findings that sleeping in separate beds may be the healthiest move for some marriages.

Tax Issues to Look Out for in a Divorce in New Jersey The National Law Review, December 2, 2021 The author shares that in the divorce process taxes are something that should be considered in several stages. Discussed in this article are various tax issues that you should be aware of and the need for them to be properly addressed when divorcing.

How ‘Shadow’ Foster Care Is Tearing Families Apart Lizzie Presser, The New York Times, December 2, 2021 Across the country, an unregulated system is severing parents from children, who often end up abandoned by the agencies that are supposed to protect them…Caseworkers had diverted these children to what some scholars call “hidden foster care” or “shadow foster care,” in which the legal protections of the formal system disappear.

The First Christmas Following a Divorce Film by Annie St-Pierre,Text by Murat Oztaskin, December 2, 2021 This touching fictional short film “Like the Ones I Used to Know,” by Annie St-Pierre, captures a family in transition in Quebec. The film, set in the early nineteen-eighties, also captures a particular moment in the culture of families, and family law in small town Canada. A period of political and societal shifts known as the Quiet Revolution had recently brought liberal change to Quebec.

Stabbed 20 Times by Her Husband, She Now Fights Laws Favoring Abusers Isabel Kershner, The New York Times, December 3, 2021 Shira Isakov’s husband of two years had bashed her head, face and body with dozens of blows from a rolling pin before throttling her and then stabbing her 20 times with a kitchen knife, all as their screaming toddler looked on…Since the brutal attack, Isakov has worked tirelessly and has successfully become a national force in the struggle to combat domestic violence and change the Israeli legal landscape on parental rights.

How to tell if it's time for a ‘sleep divorce’ Sandee LaMotte, CNN, December 4, 2021 Wendy Troxel, a senior behavioral scientist at RAND Corporation shared: “The question I always get is, ‘Is it bad if my partner and I sleep apart?’ The answer is no, not necessarily…It can even have some significant upsides. I tell couples to try to think of it not as a filing for sleep divorce, but as forging a sleep alliance…At the end of the day, there is nothing healthier, happier and even sexier than a good night of sleep.”

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