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FamilyKind Swim A Thon
August 1 is almost here! 
and to everyone else - you can start supporting our swim-team right now -  the more we raise the more families we can help. 
FamilyKind First Ever Virtual Swim-A-Thon
Join the fun this August with our first ever virtual FamilyKind
August 1st – August 31st, 2019

This summer, you can support FamilyKind by participating in our first ever virtual Swim-A-Thon. Join us for the month of August as we fundraise to benefit families experiencing separation and divorce. Swim for the cause by joining the FamilyKind Virtual Swim Team or participate by donating to our event. If you would like to swim for the cause, you can sign up as a swimmer and pledge to swim at least 1 mile each week for the entire month of August. 

Swim for families this summer! All the swimming is done at your own pace in a lake, ocean, swimming pool - whatever body of water you choose. Don’t worry if swimming is not your strong suit, you can still support families in transition by donating and supporting our swimmers. For additional information visit our FamilyKind Swim-A-Thon page or contact


To participate in the virtual FamilyKind Swim Team this summer, you must sign up as a swimmer and pledge to swim at least 1 mile each week between August 1, 2019 and August 31, 2019. 

If swimming isn't your thing, you can still donate to FamilyKind and support our swimmers. You can donate on behalf of a swimmer or in support of FamilyKind's mission. Your donations will be used to provide high quality support services for children and adults experiencing separation and divorce.

If you're a swimmer, share your donation goal with your family and friends & dive into the fun of fundraising for an amazing cause this summer!

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