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February 24, 2021 Roundup

Recent family law news highlighted the fact that too much time together can be devastating and revealed that the perspectives of surrogates are often ignored in the debate over legalization. A deep dive into the wedding industry and thoughts on how to manage your inheritance also topped the family news.

Patricia Fersch, ForbesWomen, February 11, 2021

….while online publications and newspapers were putting forth ideas to entertain families during the stay-at-home period and catering to this new at home market, in many of those families there was domestic violence. For some “spending more time together” led to more opportunities to be abused…

Please Go Shelter in Another Place. Michelle White, The New York Times, February, 12, 2021

The author writes: “On our 25th day of sheltering-in-place, my husband packed a suitcase and a brown paper bag of food and moved into an Airbnb some two miles away. Our quarter-century-long marriage was faltering, and we needed time apart, so off he went.”

Meet the Women Who Become Surrogates David Dodge, The New York Times, February 15, 2021

While the United States remains one of the few countries where gestational surrogacy is legal, and widely practiced, it continues to be a source of heated debate. Often missing from the conversation, however, are perspectives of women who express varied, sometimes deeply personal, reasons that compel them to become surrogates.

The Weddings Boom Is Coming Valeriya Safronova, The New York Times, February 19, 2021

Weddings have always been emotional, but adding personal boundaries around safety and health, confusing government guidelines and the finer points of air filtration systems to the mix has pushed families and wedding planners to the edge…“If there’s a word I never want to hear again, it’s ‘pivoting,’” said Ms. Oren, the Los Angeles-based planner. “What I do is so tactile. I have zero aspirations to move what I do to the digital world. I think all people want is to gather and get sweaty on the dance floor.”

The Unequal Inheritance: It Can Work, or It Can ‘Destroy Relationships’ Susan B. Garland, The New York Times, February 19, 2021

The author cautions: “When you’re planning to divide your estate unequally, explain the reasons to your heirs, and remember: They might be hurt anyway…Divvying up an estate can be especially complicated in blended families.”

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