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March 2022 Happenings Newsletter

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A lovely reminder of how
beautiful change can truly be.

Upcoming FamilyKind Happenings


Save the Date: May 5, 2022

FamilyKind is celebrating our 10th Anniversary Gala Event!

Join us on May 5 at a gathering of FamilyKind's generous supporters and friends to celebrate our tenth anniversary while raising funds to bring FamilyKind's services and resources to all families regardless of ability to pay. For more about supporting the event, visit


NNYS Certified In-Person Parent Education Classes Resume!

A NYS Certified In-Person Parent Education Class is scheduled for Sunday, May 1, 2022 from 10AM- 2:30PM in lower Manhattan.

To register, please call 212-769-3057 or email


New ACOD Virtual group will be forming in February

Through Zoom, starting soon. Dates & Time TBA.

A few open slots are remaining for this group.

Please contact us to schedule a brief screening.

Parental divorce can be deeply disruptive to young adults and have a significant impact on how their adult lives evolve. There is a false message from our culture that divorce does not really impact adult children because they may be away at college, living on their own, or even married with their own children.

Group discussions will focus on the common themes that exist for Adult Children of Divorce:

• Adjusting to parents as new people and their new partners • Role changes following parental divorce and the impact on sense of identity • Implications for intimacy and romantic relationships following parental divorce in adulthood • Difficulties around setting boundaries and navigating holidays and special events with separated parents

To register visit us HERE, download our flyer HERE

or contact: Lauren Behrman at


New Divorce Recovery Group will be Starting in March 2022

Join Barbara Bennett, LMFT and her daughter Jamie, MFT Intern, in partnership with FamilyKind, for her Divorce Recovery Group for Women based on the “Rebuilding” book by Dr. Bruce Fisher.

Learn how to navigate this difficult adjustment process so you can turn your crisis into a growth and healing experience. Topics covered will include: Loneliness, Anger, Grief, Transition, Love, Openness, Self-Worth, Adaptation

For more information and to enroll, please contact Barbara Bennett at (646) 389-8020 or email

For more information and to enroll, please contact Barbara Bennett

at (646) 389-8020 or email

Barbara Bennett is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR and other trauma based therapies. She has worked extensively with individuals going through the transitions during and after divorce.


Sign Up for Our Online Parenting Class for Divorcing or Separating Parents (Court Approved!)

During COVID-19 parents needing court-approved parenting education for divorcing and separating families can take the online version of our class. This 4.5-hour class is approved by the Office of Court Administration and satisfies all New York State court mandates of parents experiencing divorce, separation or those who are unmarried co-parents. Click here for more information and to register for the class.

Parents have 30 days from the time they register to complete the class and may review any portions they desire.

For more information, contact or call 212-769-3057.

Here is what parents who take FamilyKind’s online classes say:

“The principles of respectful parenting, and developing my own emotional health is the best way to develop my child’s emotional health.” “I wish I knew about this class before.”

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