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June 2024 Global Roundup

Family related news highlighted happenings in Asia including: A lawsuit, filed by women in Japan, seeking to overturn an onerous law which makes sterilization procedures for women incredibly difficult to obtain; many young women in China are feeling satiated with mothering just one child; and an Indian cookbook helped one woman soothe her loss as her marriage dissolved. Also in the news was information on filing for an Order of Protection in Family Court and lastly, on a lighter note, in honor of Father’s Day, some advice from dads for dads.

familykind may news roundup

Patricia Fersch, Forbes, Updated June 3, 2024

Family law and criminal law are governed by the state. Each state defines its own jurisdictional requirements to seek an order of protection and defines who can seek one. While federal law under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) ensures enforcement of these statewide orders nationwide, the issuance of the orders and for whose benefit is up to the individual state.

Sarah Khan, The New York Times, June 4, 2024

The author shares: “A decade ago, during a foray into marriage with a South African Indian man, I received several copies of “Indian Delights” as wedding presents, soon after moving from New York to Cape Town. Much like South African Indian culture itself, these recipes weave in European, Malay and African elements.”  When the author’s marriage was dissolving, she was often too busy trading barbs to swap recipes on the way out the door.  She turned to the “Indian Delights” cookbook, which is geared towards someone for whom cooking is about her husband’s pleasure, her children’s nutrition and her community’s service, but she found joy in nourishing herself, with her own hands and for her own gratification.

Talya Minsberg Illustrations by Gabriel Alcala, The New York Times, June 14, 2024

For Father’s Day, The NY Times asked readers to share the best pieces of parenting advice for dads they’ve learned along the way. Some of the gems include: savor joy; panic in shifts, adjust your expectations and smile and laugh.

Isabelle Qian, The New York Times, June 18, 2024

The current generation of childbearing women was born into small families, with many girls growing up as only children — and getting opportunities that used to be given only to boys. Their own mothers, who did not have multiple children to care for, typically worked outside the home and set examples for their daughters to do the same.

Motoko Rich and Kiuko Notoya, The New York Times reporting from Tokyo, June 21, 2024

In Japan, women who seek sterilization procedures like tubal ligation or hysterectomies must meet conditions that are among the most onerous in the world. They must already have children and prove that pregnancy would endanger their health, and they are required to obtain the consent of their spouses. That makes such surgeries difficult to obtain for many women, and all but impossible for single, childless women. Now, five women are suing the Japanese government, arguing that a decades-old law known as the Maternal Protection Act violates their constitutional right to equality and self-determination and should be overturned.

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