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April 5, 2020/by FamilyKind

Watch Our Free Webinar Series: Coping with Co-Parenting

To help families during this challenging time, FamilyKind has created an educational webinar series. Our complimentary webinar series will be streamed live the first Monday of each month from 8 to 8:30 p.m., then available on demand on our website. The webinars will help co-parents understand and use effective parenting strategies and techniques.

There is no cost for the series, because of the generosity of our sponsors, Soberlink and OurFamilyWizard.

Click Here to register for upcoming webinars.

View current webinars on our website.

Free of charge, this webinar features helpful tips and strategies for communicating effectively, decision-making, and reducing stress. Webinars are available on our website.


Current Webinars

Learn from FamilyKind’s co-parenting experts how to use self-talk effectively to make life better for yourself, your children and your co-parent.

Attendees will learn:• How self-talk enables us to be the best version of ourselves• When to use self-talk to avoid or defuse anger • How to recognize triggers and better understand why they upset you • Change your thinking and ways you respond to challenging situations • Ways to empower yourself and your family

Click Here to register for upcoming webinars.

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