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Committed To Last

Are you in a relationship? Is it hard to discuss money issues with your partner? Let FamilyKind help! 
This is a must-have course for any couple beginning their life together.
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Committed to Last is a program created to revolutionize the way couples communicate about money, financial matters and build their dreams together. 
Our virtual 2 hour FamilyKind must-have financial class
for those in a committed relationship is happening on:

Next Group: Monday, October 7, 2024

Mondays, 6:00PM-8:00PM ET

Upcoming Group: October 7, 2024

Improve your Financial Relationship as a Couple!
For information, please email:

About the Class

FamilyKind proudly announces Committed to Last - in partnership with FamilyKind, a program created to revolutionize the way couples communicate about money, financial matters and build their dreams together.
Money conversations are difficult. We think we talk about money, though we typically talk around money and never have true, meaningful conversations. That is why financial therapist and coach, Carrie Rattle, and a wealth advisor/holistic financial coach, Ivy Menchel, partnered to develop Committed to Last. To guide you on a path to money harmony and an amicable prenuptial or cohabitation experience, we offer a two-hour introductory workshop in this course, in conjunction with FamilyKind.

This course will bring awareness to the core information areas in the prenuptial or cohabitation agreement process, allowing you to negotiate from an educated/knowledgeable perspective, not an emotional one.


You will: 

-    Learn how to improve financial compatibility
-    Enhance your communication as a couple regarding financial matters 
-    Discover your own money beliefs and how your differences can bring strength to you as a couple
-    Explore your financial and life expectations to create a more harmonious relationship into the future

If you are considering a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, this course will prepare you for a deeper, thoughtful discussion and money clarity before you begin the mediation process. It's a must-have course for any couple beginning a life together.

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Financial Class
Zoom Team
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Ivy H. Menchel

Ivy H. Menchel is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP  ) and Certified Business Exit Consultant (CBEC  ) with almost 30 years of experience in financial services.  Her purpose is to bring confidence and financial independence for individuals and families facing life-changing events. Whether it’s the transfer of a business, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one or retirement, she is a financial transition specialist that can help plan for wealth while change is swirling.  


In addition to her work as a CFP  , she is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
(CDFA  ) and a Holistic Financial Coach.

For Ivy, going into her line of work was a highly personal decision. She came from a family of business owners and her parents got divorced after 34 years of marriage.  She saw both the financial and emotional toll poor planning and communication took on them.

Beyond her private practice, Ivy is widely regarded as a thought leader in her field and regularly shares her knowledge with the broader public through teaching, speaking and writing. 

She is involved in many professional organizations, has been a guest speaker on television and radio talk shows, presenter at many workshops and regularly contributes to several publications.  When she isn’t helping clients make sound financial decisions as they transition into the next phase of their lives, you can find her cycling for charitable causes, hiking in the mountains or relaxing by the ocean.





Workshop Leaders

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Carrie Rattle

Carrie Rattle, MBA, AFC, is a 30-year veteran executive of the financial industry, having worked in Canada, the U.S, and abroad. She trained with Psychotherapist Olivia Mellan, a money psychology pioneer on couples and finances, and critically acclaimed author hosted on Oprah and other nationwide media.

In addition, Carrie trained under clinical supervision with the nationally known and published author, Psychologist Dr. April Benson whose work focused on behavioral addictions such as overshopping. She bought Dr. Benson’s business and her proven program during COVID, and now works with shopping addicts nationwide in addition to her financial coaching work.

Carrie delivers keynote speeches, and has been quoted in media such as CNBC, CBC, MSNBC, NextAdvisor | TIME, USA Today, Glamour Magazine, Yahoo! Finance, and others.

Canadian-born, Carrie now holds a dual citizenship. She has lived in the New York area for 23 years residing with her husband and two little bunnies with big personalities.

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