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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Good Talk 4 Children

Good Talk 4 Children is a FamilyKind interactive program for children
in Grades 3–5 and Grades 6–8 whose parents are divorced or separated.

The curriculum is available for sale.

To learn more call: 212.769.3057,
email Gerald or Omari at

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Good Talk for Children\

The Goal

Our goal is to provide a group leader or team of leaders with all the information necessary for optimum delivery of GT4. Schools, agencies and other program providers will provide the classroom space or area for the program and identify the staff that will serve as the liaison to the parents and children as well as leaders that will conduct the six-session program either weekly or twice a week for three weeks.

In schools, the program is usually offered to students during lunch or recess or time set aside by the program. Youth may eat their lunch during GT4 so long as they have it with them when the session begins. Agencies or other providers will also select the best time to conduct the program and allow for food if needed.

Interested in more information? Please call us at 212 769 3057 or email us at

We look forward to a great partnership.

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