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Is your family having problems because of separation or divorce? 
FamilyKind can help. 


We welcome you. We appreciate you. 

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We speak your language.

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FamilyKind is a nonprofit organization empowering children, parents and couples before, during and after separation or divorce — no matter their family configuration, or financial situation.

We offer parent education classes and services for parents, children, and teens as well as informational workshops. FamilyKind: empowering families of divorce and separation.


"Living under the same roof during Covid was too much to bear. Our FamilyKind mediator was smart, skilled, savvy and professional. Under her guidance, we agreed upon the terms of a separation, a parenting plan and are now addressing our finances. I am so glad that we have been able to make so much progress."

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FamilyKind Partnering With New York Womens Bar Association
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FamilyKind Department Of Youth and Community Development
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J. Carlo Cannell Fund
of the Community Foundation of Teton Valley

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