Step Parents at a Soccer Game 300pxWe have all read the statistic that 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce. But did you know that in the US, 40% of married couples with children are stepcouples? Meaning that at least one partner comes to the relationship with at least one child from a previous relationship. And while hope is reignited when a new relationship is formed, the reality is that over 60% of new marriages where children are involved will end in divorce.

Original families are hard; stepfamilies are harder. Even in the best of situations, there are adjustments and compromises that need to be made — physically, logistically, financially and most of all, emotionally. Unfortunately, “step” has become one of those taboo topics that people don’t talk about enough and while more and more stepfamilies are forming every day, the support surrounding these families has not kept up with the demand.

FamilyKind is proud to offer services, through a partnership with Stepfamily Solutions of NYC, to those who are experiencing the challenges of living in a stepfamily structure that has resulted from separation or divorce. We believe that through education and open, honest communication about these unique challenges — as well as a concerted effort to make things work — couples will strengthen their relationships with each other and thereby provide their children and stepchildren with a healthier, happier family environment.

Services offered include:

Recoupling and the Stepfamily Workshops. You and your partner/spouse will learn about the differences between original families and stepfamilies and how to work together to make this new family successful. Learn more.

Stepfamily Coaching. You and your partner/spouse can privately address your specific challenges and work on finding solutions with a Stepfamily Foundation Certified Coach. Please note that this is not marriage counseling, but a results-oriented method of tackling the unique challenges of stepfamilies. Private coaching is available; however, results are greater when the couple works together.

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