While FamilyKind recommends in-person classes and workshops so attendees can benefit from face-to-face leader interaction and group support, we realize that many do not live in the NYC metro area, or are otherwise unable to attend our classes.

In that event, we recommend the following nationally recognized online programs as an alternative: Parenting Wisely Teen Edition and Children in Between.

Across the country, millions of people are participating in these two programs. Many find that because of the benefits they’ve received, they seek to continue with additional in-person parenting education offered in their communities. One or both of these online programs may be your first step towards you joining us in person at a subsequent time convenient for you.

Parenting Wisely Teen Edition. Parenting Wisely Teen Edition is intended for parents with teen behavioral problems — parentingwisely.com

Children in Between. Children in Between is for divorcing or separating parents to help them deal with the family stress of a breakup — online.divorce-education.com

Both online programs are available in Español.

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