Join FamilyKind’s Separation & Divorce Meetup of NYC and attend meetings to share your thoughts and experiences regarding all stages of separation or divorce. FamilyKind facilitates our discussions with the help of lawyers, mediators, psychologists, social workers, and other consultants and coaches.

2015 Meetups

September: Live Your B.E.S.T. Life: A Four-Step Plan to Being Your Best So You Can Be There for the People Who Matter Most. The kids. Your job. Family. Friends. Who are those people who can do it all? Join FamilyKind and Jodi Krizer Graber, for an insightful presentation on what it takes to be your best so you can finally feel focused, fabulous, and (mentally and physically) fit to do it all. Wednesday, September 30, 6 to 8 pm.
Stop the Overwhelm and Anxiety: Nurture Your Brain. This workshop is for busy professionals who want to achieve the most in their career, relationships, and life. Facilitated by Kirsi Paalanen, productivity coach.
July: Seven Tips to Dressing Well on a Budget, facilitated by wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, Diane Pollack of Stylempower.

2014 Meetups

December: The Art of Asking the Right Questions: Getting To Know Your Child, facilitated by Beatrice Kraemer, Ph.D.
November: Successful Parenting: Raising Resilient Kids, facilitated by Beatrice Kraemer, Ph.D.
October: Understanding Why We Choose Our Partners & How To Make Good Choices, facilitated by Stephen Shainbart, Ph.D.
September: Telling Your Kids, facilitated by Beatrice Kraemer, Ph.D.,
August: Life after Separation or Divorce: Moving On, facilitated by Bess Steiger, LCSW
July: Communicating with Your Ex, facilitated by Bob Raymond, Ph.D.