Here’s what some of our clients are saying about FamilyKind.

Parent Education

“Good deal of information from knowledgeable experts.”

“Well, for me all the legal terms are new and understanding all the information in the process of divorce gave me a better understanding for the future.”

“Informal, conversational, yet supported by very rich material, that can be referenced frequently.”

“The moderators were very compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful.”

“The openness of fellow parents about their circumstances and the advice we shared with each other.”

“I feel like I’m walking away with solid tips. Mostly I’m thinking about that winning is how my kids are doing. Are they happy?”

“The class reminded me to think of what my son’s story will be in 20 years and that I can be a parent responsible for making that the best story possible.”

“Very informative and interactive.”

“I loved the amount of information I learned. As well as the way it was taught. It was taught with a lot of understanding, sensitivity and empathy. There was no judgment or preconceived judgments based on religion or ethnicity.”

“I truly felt the dedication coming through as the valuable information was taught. This wasn’t just a lecture or a class, but really teachings for a more peaceful lifestyle.”

“The small size of the class and how personal it felt.”

“It made me feel that I was not going through this alone. The information that was provided was comforting and enlightening.”

“I now know about mediation and that there is a process of being able to come to an agreement or settlement outside of court.”

“I learned techniques to co-parent and understand my child’s stance, as well.”

“The class enlightened me to things I was doing wrong. I talk a lot in front of my daughter. I will no longer do that.”


“Mediation helped us with our parenting plan. We could not have done this by ourselves because we hardly speak. Court was not the answer.”

“Thank you, FamilyKind for listening and caring.”

“Anyone going through a separation or divorce should contact FamilyKind.”

“It was not an easy process, but the mediator helped us through it.”

“I will come back to FamilyKind the next time I get a divorce, hopefully it will not happen again.”

“We are now communicating better, thanks to FamilyKind.”