family divorce services  | FamilyKind.orgIn addition to our classes and informational workshops, FamilyKind offers mediation and parenting coordination family services.

Mediation. Mediation is a positive and effective way for couples to take control of their separation or divorce without the expense, time and often damaging effects of litigation. Using a child-focused approach, our professional mediators help couples navigate the issues of parenting time, support, and equitable distribution. A written agreement may be drafted by the mediator and signed by both parties, which may be submitted to the court for finalization after consultation with an attorney.

Parenting Coordination. Often court-referred, our experienced parenting coordinators and facilitators assist parents establish and maintain healthy co-parenting strategies. We help couples manage continuing issues such as parenting time and decisions regarding the children, particularly in high-conflict cases where professional help is required. Parenting coordination services can address a single issue or be provided on an ongoing basis.

Mediation and Parenting Coordination services are offered at various locations citywide as well as Long Island, Westchester County, and New Jersey. Fees will be determined on a sliding scale basis upon submission of financial documentation as required by the program. Mediation services are available in English, Spanish and French. Parenting coordination services are available in English and Spanish.

Call 347 670 3919 for more information or to schedule an appointment for mediation or parenting coordination. Call 646 580 4735 or email for more information about other FamilyKind services.