What. This FamilyKind program addresses healthy and safe communication between parents for the benefit of their children. GoodTalk4Parents provides personalized attention to parents who are separating or who have separated to assist them in developing practical and effective co-parenting communication with each other with the aim of reducing the negative effects that conflict has on their children. The facilitator does not make the final decision about an issue but may make suggestions to help move the parents toward resolution.

Why. With a focus on communication, GoodTalk4Parents helps parents learn to share information with each other in a consistent way so that both parents can participate in a meaningful relationship with their children and children can be removed from the conflict. In addition to working on improving communication, parents may also resolve concrete issues that have arisen between them and affect their children.

Student with separated parents who communicate effectively about her school workWho. Parents at any stage of familial transition are eligible to participate in this program; their children do not attend the sessions. Parents participate in joint sessions with one expertly trained facilitator. The number of sessions involved varies from case to case.

When. Sometimes parents need to improve their communication before taking legal action or while their court matter is pending. Some parents may have resolved their legal dispute with an agreement through mediation or litigation, but they still experience poor communication that negatively impacts their ability to share information and reach agreements about their children. Sometimes unexpected issues arise, like a chronic medical illness. The parents must learn to set aside their conflict and work together to make sure that the child receives the best quality care in each of their homes.

Where. The sessions are available in convenient locations in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County. Sessions are held at mutually convenient times agreed upon by the parents and the assigned facilitator.

To learn more or register, contact program director Shari Bornstein at sbornstein@familykind.org or (860) 302-2631. PDF flyer

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