Divorcing and separating families in NYS have a unique opportunity that deserves our support. The New York State Office of Court Administration proposes to change the Court rules to require parents to attend a parent education class (in person or online), when they are divorcing or separating through the courts. In these classes, parents learn tools and strategies to help them keep children out of parental conflict.

Parent education is required in over 20 states, but not yet in New York. Research shows that high-quality parent education has a measurable positive impact on children, parents, and the courts.

This proposed NYS rule will affect over 100,000 children annually in New York State who experience their parents’ divorce or separation.

To learn more about this proposed rule, view and download a PDF document.

We need YOU to encourage OCA to adopt this rule.
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The following is a sample message that you can send to the state officials in support of this rule change:

I support the proposed change to the NYS Court rules to require parents to attend a parent education class when they are separating or divorcing. Parenting education will help parents learn to communicate better, insulate children from their parents’ conflict, and save judicial time and resources.

Please send your message by email or mail to:


John W. McConnell, Esq.
Office of Court Administration
25 Beaver Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10004

Comments must be received no later than January 29, 2018.