Becoming a Grandmother

Early one morning, my older daughter called to find out when I was going to the gym. I was rather surprised by her question and asked her if she needed something. She mumbled “no…that’s ok.” She showed up at the gym and handed me an envelope containing pictures from a recent trip we took together More →

Newly Single for the Holidays

The upcoming holiday season for those recently separated or divorced can be incredibly intimidating. Worrying about what to say when you’re invited to an event or anticipating attending alone this year can make you want to bury your head in the sand. Your inclination might be to decline and justify your response with how busy More →

The Relocation of a Lifetime

At FamilyKind, we are dedicated to providing support to families experiencing separation and divorce. A divorce or separation serves an important purpose. People have the opportunity to evolve and create a new reality for their families. In my view, how we handle our transitions in life — be they big or small — will profoundly More →

Becoming a Stepmom

Last month I officially became a stepmother. The moment we formed a new blended family was very special, but the road to that joyful moment was planned carefully to help my stepdaughter cope with the transition into a blended family. Divorced parents must deal with the usual transitions plus the challenging transitions that divorce creates More →

Accepting the New Normal

Many families have the good fortune to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mine is no exception. It is the one time a year that we gather at my sister’s place to eat, laugh, share stories, watch some football and generally goof around. These days my sister’s three sons, all grown now, travel from their far More →

Why I Work With Divorcing Families

I was divorced more than forty years ago. At that time, my two small children were 4 and 6. While I knew I wanted to end the marriage, I had no models of how to have “a successful divorce” where the kids could be taken care of by both parents. There weren’t many books on More →

That’s Parenting Too

Tis the season for graduations. It’s a bit early for high schools, but college grads abound. If you are the parent of a grad, this event is a proud moment for you as well. Aside from breathing a sigh of relief with the last tuition payment, you’ve earned the opportunity to watch your child accept More →

Be a Separation and Divorce Mediator

“Hi my name is...and I will be your mediator. I will not make any decision for you. I am not a judge. I will help you to reach your own agreement. I am impartial and neutral. A mediation session is confidential...” These are typical sample statements of how a mediation session begins, and it is More →

Mediation is Not Like Laundry

Ahh, laundry. Laundry has a set of rules and a distinct sense of structure to complete the task. There’s a beginning (clothes go into washing machine); there’s a middle (clothes go into dryer for a specified number of minutes); and an end (clothes are folded and put away). Mediation is not like laundry. Mediation is More →

Question: I am the parent of teenagers. Their father and I are beginning the divorce process. Everyone’s emotions are running high in the house. How do I know if my kids’ reactions are due to the divorce or to normal adolescence? What can I do to prevent the adverse effects of the divorce on my More →