With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. Lots of couples will get engaged, so sure that each has found his or her “one true love” and forever soul mate. But what happens after we snag the “Prince or Princess,” get the beautiful ring, plan the very expensive “fairytale” wedding and More →

It’s the time of year for summing up, for taking stock of our lives and making resolutions for the coming year. Why not put on next year’s to-do list a resolution that will not only strengthen your quads, or make more time to go to the beach, but make sure you increase your success — More →

The holidays provide a great opportunity to teach your children the gift of giving. Parents can easily become transformed into “personal shoppers” for their kids, especially after receiving emails, tweets or Instagram pics with specific links to the exact color, shape and size of items on their wish lists. The sharing, giving component of the More →

I’m just as upset as everyone else: the era of Brangelina has come to the end. I, too, lauded their commitment to global causes and co-parenting six kids. Despite tabloid fodder, I have no idea what caused the breakdown of their marriage, but it can’t be easy. It doesn’t matter; it’s over. Brad Pitt and More →

Mothers and Fathers: The Same or Different?

Question: Making generalizations can be risky. At the same time I can’t help but notice that fathers behave differently with their children than mothers do. For example, I often see fathers holding their babies high above their heads, and the baby reacts gleefully. Fathers tend to let their toddlers take modest risks, letting go of their More →

The Sunday Night Project

After enjoying the weekend, many people experience dread on Sunday nights in anticipation of all that Monday brings: the start of the workweek and the hectic routine that goes with it. Parents of school aged children experience their own form of dread. Too often, there is an issue with a child not completing a school More →

Living Together After Divorce

  New York is expensive. Rent or a mortgage can be exorbitant, and creating two homes after divorce only doubles those costs. To afford life after a separation or divorce, some parents decide to continue living together for a period of time and to co-parent their children under the same roof. Mediating a divorce allows More →

Pass the Sunscreen

Family vacations are filled with excitement. The anticipation of the upcoming adventure fills the home along with suitcases that beg to be packed. Vacationing families create life long memories and traditions that are the subjects of scrapbooks and reminiscing around the dinner table. Remember that time at the beach house when…? For parents who live More →

Very early on in my relationship with my now-husband, we went hiking in the Berkshires. Not only did this become an annual fall foliage trip, but it is also the place where we spent our “mini-moon” and where we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary and every anniversary since. When we go on those trips, and More →

Good Co-Parenting is Timeless and Without Borders

Recently, I came across information about a campaign launched by Sweden to increase tourism. Rather than spend millions of dollars on splashy marketing and advertising, the country is using its citizens as ambassadors to generate curiosity about the country. The Swedish Tourist Association set up a phone number that connects callers to random Swedes who More →